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Executive Board


JuliAnn Geldner                                              President

Amy Guralnick                                                V. P. Membership

Jay Michaels                                                    V.P. Building & Administration

Michael Weinstein                                           V. P. Education & Youth

Jill Dempsey                                                    Secretary

Ed Schmitt                                                       Treasurer

Ed Sachs                                                          Gabbai

Peter Norlander                                               V.P. Programming   


Board of Directors

Michael Bass Shirley Lieb 
Moselle Brotman

Haran Rashes

Stacey Flint Larry Stark
Suzanne Fournier Sara Stern
Courteney Harris-Black Eugene Stopeck  
Cindy Kirshman-Gradle Sue May Wilde
Ted Lawrence Michael Zmora
Yakira Levi  


Juli Ann Geldner, President
 Juli Ann can be emailed at

Jay Michaels, VP of Building & Administration


Jay is a resident of River Forest. He has 2 children, 17 & 15 who live with their mother in Michigan, but come to visit often. He has traveled and lived in over 10 cities, always affiliating with a conservative congregation. Jay has been actively engaged in the many communities he has lived in, serving on boards and various committees. He is currently a management consultant and prepares morning minyan breakfast and other congregational meals when he is in town. 

Jay can be contacted at

Jill Dempsey, Secretary
Jill can be emailed at Secretary

Amy Guralnick, VP of Membership
Amy can be emailed at Membership

Peter Norlander, VP of Programming


Peter can be contacted at .

Ed Schmitt

Ed Schmitt, Treasurer 

He and his wife, Linda, are long term members of WSTHZ. Their three kids got their Jewish education at WSTHZ; Linda is a retired CPS teacher, and Ed a semi-retired business person. He is also involved in various civic organizations including Visit Oak Park.

Michael Weinstein

Michael Bass

Moselle Brotman

Ted Lawrence

Yakira Levi

Shirley Lieb

Haran Rashes 

Sara Stern 

Michael Zmora​​​


Ed Sachs

Ed Sachs, Gabbai

Ed Sachs and his wife, Judy Grobe Sachs, have been members of Temple Har Zion for over 30 years. Ed is a past president of THZ and  a member of the Religious Life Committee. He is also the Recording Secretary for the Midwest Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC).

Mon, January 27 2020 1 Shevat 5780