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Jewish Journeys — Adult Education

Jewniversity 2.0 and other Opportunities


As we begin our Jewish journeys in 5781, we are all seeking many things—meaning, community, and wisdom, just to name a few. One of the ways that Temple Har Zion will be there for you is through Jewniversity 2.0. This year we will have learning opportunities centered around themes—the goal is to have learning that provides meaning in our lives, builds community, and even shares some wisdom.

The themes for 5781 are the following:

  • October—Protection
  • November—Self-care
  • December—Jewish Identity
  • January—Relationship with the Earth
  • February—Character Strengths
  • March—Freedom 
  • April—Relationship with Israel
  • May—Relationship with G-d

Opportunities to interact may include:

  • Classes with Rabbi Glick
  • Classes with David Schwartz
  • Guest Lectures and Classes
  • Sermons
  • Pre-recorded Videos
  • Weekly Emails
  • Facebook Posts
  • JCFS resources
  • Renown teachers, speakers, and scholars

Additionally, we have our regular rotation of learning opportunities:

Sundays at 9 AM: Meditation with Rabbi Glick, Zoom Meeting ID# 489 884 312

Mondays at 8 PM: Pirkei Avot with David Schwartz, Zoom Meeting ID# 8233 393 4806

Thursdays at 10 AM: Psalms with Rabbi Glick, Zoom Meeting ID# 990 415 095

There may also be opportunities to learn about Yiddish with Cantor Figa and to learn with Marc Stopeck; please email me if you are interested.

Introduction to Judaism

We are offering “Introduction to Judaism” on Sunday mornings about twice a month. Whether you are officially Jewish or not, whether you know a little or a lot, there is much to learn from these classes. Email me with any questions. See the back cover for more! 

I’m looking forward to sharing my Jewish journey with each of you this year. Please be in touch as you have questions or thoughts.

Best wishes, 

David Schwartz,

Thu, January 21 2021 8 Shevat 5781