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Temple Har Zion Family Fun - Kef Mishpachti Programs for Children Ages 1-7

Whether you light candles every Friday night or whether Judaism is a newer part of your life, the Family Fun events for children ages 1-7 are geared for you and your children and your whole family (yes, grandparents too!). You will meet and have a chance to interact with other families with children 1-7, while cultivating a sense of community, participating in interactive programs for your children, and celebrating the holidays in a kid-and family-friendly setting.

From Shabbat to Jewish holy days and festivals, you, your child, and extended family (grandparents, and ...) can celebrate, learn, and connect with the Har Zion's community of families with young children families.

Programs for young families sometimes conducted on Zoom. Email the temple office or Claudine Guralnick for the password if you need it. Registration is often required.

See the sidebar for our current offerings!


Regularly Scheduled  Shabbat- and Holiday-Related Programs

The observation of Shabbat is an important part of your child's Jewish heritage. Har Zion Programs for Families with Young Children can help you incorporate the observation of Shabbat in your family's traditions. 

The following Shabbat programs are held on a regular basis throughout the school year.

The Jewish Holy Days and festivals are another important part of a child's Jewish heritage. The Har Zion Families with Young Children program has offerings for all of the important Jewish holiday observances.  See the calendar in the sidebar  (on the bottom on mobile devices) for the upcoming Holiday/Festival programs.

Some of the programs offered in 5782 have included/will include the following:

  • Havdalah Fun —  Havdalah is the closing ritual for Shabbat, with blessings over lights, grape juice, and smelling spices. Havdalah is an inspiring way to start your new week as a family. Below is the program flyer from the February 2022 Havdalah program. See the calendar in the sidebar to the right (or bottom on mobile devices) for more on upcoming Havdalahs for young families.

  • A Taste of Shabbat — Held early on Erev Shabbat, before the regular Friday night Shabbat Service. Welcome Shabbat together with your friends, with songs, blessings, and a story. See the calendar in the sidebar to the right (or bottom on mobile devices) for upcoming Tastes of Shabbat for young families.
  • The 2021/5782 High Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot  
  • Hanukkah, 2021/5782 

  • And coming up, events for Yom Ha'atzma'ut and Shavuot! See the calendar in the sidebar.
Tue, September 27 2022 2 Tishrei 5783