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Record a Rosh Hashanah Greeting 

The past few years Har Zion has been inviting temple members to record video New Year's greetings to share. These recorded greetings have been a highlight of our High Holy Day services. We are making the same invitation this year, regardless of whether and how you are planning on attending services.

Please record a New Year's greeting to share with the community.

We have an easy way for you to do it this year. 

Perhaps you know that when the temple has streams a program on Zoom, we automatically record it? We have created a Zoom "meeting" that you privately join to record your greeting.

  1. Click here (opens in a new tab) to go to SignupGenius and reserve a day/time for  your recording session. (We're ensuring that each person/family recording is a private Zoom call.)
    • Click in the green Sign Up box for the day and time you want to record your greeting, then click the orange Submit and Sign Up box at the bottom of the screen.
    •  Either enter your name/email or, if you already have a SignupGenius account, login.
    • Click on the orange Sign Up Now box.
  2. SignupGenius will send you an email with two attachments: one to click on to add the reservation to your calendar, and the other, a PDF file, with instructions on how to open and use Zoom at your selected time. (Click here for a public copy that PDF file that does not include the Zoom password; you won't have to enter the password if you use the link in the PDF file that SignupGenius sends you.)
  3. When your day/time comes up, click here (or on the link in the PDF file you've been sent) to start your session; use the usual Har Zion password. (Zoom ID# 8328 127 0301.)
  4. Follow the instructions in the PDF file to turn on recording.
  5. Record your greeting. If you don't like your first effort, repeat it. However many times it takes for you to be happy with it (though stay within your recording slot, to be nice to the next person).
  6. When you are finished recording, we ask you to do three things:
    • If you made more than one recording, please tell us which you want to use. (Just say so in the video before you leave the session, or let us pick.)
    • Please tell us who you are! It'll probably be obvious from the recording, but repeating at the end of your video can't hurt. You might even like to mention your name(s) during your recording.
    • Tell us how you want us to refer to you—"The Cohen Family", "Joe, Jane, and Sue Cohen", "Joe Cohen, Jane Stein, and Sue", for several examples. Again, you can just tell us as you end of your recording.
  7. And when you are done, just leave/close the Zoom session. 


We'll take it from there.

If you want to talk to the temple about your recording, email (preferentially) or phone the office at 708.366.9000. Tell us when your recorded your message so we can identify it.

Do you want to record your greeting some other way? If so, try emailing it to when it's ready. It's possible that it will be too big to email; if that's the case, email/call the office and we will work something out.

Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783