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High Holy Days 5783: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the High Holy Days at Temple Har Zion

Temple Har Zion and our inspiring sanctuary is open for the High Holy Days 5783/2022. All of our adult High Holy Days services will also be livestreamed (as are all of our other Shabbat and festival services), with the exception of Tashlich, which is outdoors and in-person only. 

For the younger set, Temple Har Zion offers a range of youth services, services for families with young children, and also, back this year, childcare. These will be held in person only, outdoors, in a tent. All Camp Shana Tovah programs require registration.

Interfaith families are welcome! 

  • Need to sign up for something and want to go straight to the form? Click here!
  • Do you have questions not answered here?Please telephone or email the temple office and we will answer them for you.
  • Did you miss a service? They are recorded; stream them from  our Facebook or YouTube page.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1.    Can I attend in person?
  2.    How do I stream services and programs from home? What about copies of the machzor?
  3.    Are there programs for my children?
  4.    How do I get tickets to the main services? 
  5.    What is the schedule of services and programs?
  6.    How do I include my loved one in the Book of Remembrance?
  7.    How can I sign up for an honor or to serve as an usher?
  8.    How can I order lulav and etrog?
  9.    How can I make a donation to Har Zion or enter my annual Yom Kippur Appeal contribution?
  10.  Whom should I contact if I have questions or need assistance?
  11. Help, I can't submit the form/order!
  12. Help, I can't find the form/order page!
  13. Are we doing a Break the Fast this year?
  14. Where are my tickets?


1. Can I attend in person?


We there should be enough room for all members who want to attend the Temple Har Zion High Holy Day services in person. The details are still being worked out, and, of course, what actually happens depends on the status of Covid restrictions in effect in Illinois at the time of the services. We strongly request that everyone wear a mask at all times indoors. 

See also "Where are my tickets?" below.

2. How do I stream services and programs from home? What about copies of the machzor?

All services High Holy Days services that are held in the sanctuary will be livestreamed and saved on the Har Zion Facebook page and YouTube channel, which can be accessed without password(s).

• Facebook: 

• YouTube:

All will also be streamed on Zoom: 

Erev Rosh Hashanah, both morning services of Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre, and all the services on Yom Kippur: These services have a special Zoom meeting ID# and special High Holy Days password. You will receive the link, the meeting ID #, and the password when you register to attend these services.

The balance of the High Holy Day season services/adult programming will use the usual Saturday morning Shabbat Zoom ID and Zoom password: 

We will also send an email during the week before Rosh Hashanah with the Zoom information to everyone who has tickets. Be sure to keep it handy; the temple office will be closed.

The publisher of our machzor is making online copies available again this year, or you can borrow copies from the temple.

Machzor Lending Form:

Online Machzor PDF Request:

3. Are there programs for children on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?

Yes. Camp Shana Tovah has services and programs for children ages 1–PreK with their families/a responsible adult, and for school-aged children through grade 7.  Childcare during all High Holy Day services is also returning this year.

The Camp Shana Tovah services and programs are being held outdoors, in a tent, and will not be streamed. 

Registration is required for childcare, or to attend any/all Camp Shana Tovah programs for children and youth.

For a list of services and to register your children for Camp Shana Tovah, go here.  
For information on childcare and to register, go here.

There is a printable flyer of the Camp Shana Tovah services.

4. How do I get tickets to the main services? 


Tickets for members will be available to pick up at the services. Be sure to register, however, to receive the Zoom login information for the High Holy Day services, even if you plan on going in person, just in case you need it.

Note that, because registration is required, even when attending by Zoom, the High Holy Day services are using a special Zoom meeting ID# and special Zoom password; they will be sent to you when you register to attend the services. (You will receive the Zoom ID and password regardless of whether you actually sign up to attend via Zoom, in case you must miss one of these services due to illness or anything else.)

5. What is the schedule of High Holy Day services and programs?

Printable Flyer: Click here (leaves this page).
Written Schedule: Click here (goes to the bottom of this page).

6. How do I include my loved one in the Book of Remembrance?

Yizkor is a time we remember and honor our departed loved ones. Traditionally we make a donation in their memory, “Ehtain Tzedakah bah-ah-dah...I will donate charity in her or his sake.” If you would like to include the name(s) of your loved ones in the Temple Har Zion Book of Remembrance, please complete this form (leaves this page), or contact the office at or 708.366.9000. The requested minimum donation is $20 per name. Thank you!

The format of in the Book of Remembrance has been revised slightly again this year. In addition to providing an opportunity to honor your loved ones in a listing directly connecting you to your remembered names, you will be able to add a short note to your personal memorial listing. See Book of Remembrance (leaves this page).

7. How can I sign up for an honor at a High Holy Day service or to serve as an usher?

Honors and Readings: The High Holy Days are always more meaningful when our community actively participates in the service, whether in person or on Zoom. Sign up online here by Monday, September 12 (leaves this page).

Ushers: We also need and appreciate in-person members to volunteer to serve as ushers. Shifts last 1 hour. Signup is online this year; click here.

For more information on these, see: Participating in the Services: Ushering and Honors  (leaves this page).

8. How can I order lulav, etrog, and schach?

It is a mitzvah to acquire and use the beautiful ritual items of lulav (palm branch with myrtle and willow) and etrog (citron) during Sukkot. Click here to order yours.

9. How can I make a donation to Temple Har Zion or enter my annual Yom Kippur Appeal contribution?
Call or email the temple office (708.366.9000 or or donate here (leaves this page). (Note that you should be logged into your Temple Har Zion account when you donate.)

10. Whom should I contact if I have other questions or if I need assistance?
Please be in touch with the office for logistical and administrative questions related to the holidays and participating either in person or online, and Rabbi Glick for religious questions.

11. Help, I can't submit the form/order!
If you are having a problem submitting a form, please note that if there is a red asterisk beside a field on the form you must provide a response to the question. If you are still having a problem, call or email the temple office (708.366.9000 or

12. Help, I can't find the form/order page! No problem; click here!

13. Are we having a Break the Fast this year? Yes! Click here to register. 
It's important to register so we know how many people to prepare for. Thank you!

14. Where are my tickets?
We are distributing tickets this year as we have for the past few years, on a "will-call" basis. You will pick your tickets up at the temple when you come to your first High Holy Day service. Be sure to bring them with you after that to all the services you attend.

Shanah Tovah U'Metukah!

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