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Please pick up High Holy Day package with your Machzorim from the shul (if you had not requested delivery)!

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Welcome to the High Holy Days at Temple Har Zion

This year, the High Holy Days will be different than any other year, but we are working to create a unique experience that will inspire and bring meaning to our sacred community. There are a whole new array of options to participate in and to contribute to the services. Please see below for our holiday F.A.Q. 

If you are not a Temple Har Zion member and you would like to join us for the High Holy Days please click here ... ALL ARE WELCOME!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend the Har Zion High Holiday services from my home?

The High Holy Days services will be streamed three ways:

• On Zoom: with the usual password.

• To the temple’s Facebook page: (no password).

• To YouTube: (no password)

For more information, see How Do I Stream the Services at Home? below.


If I am attending virtually from my home, which prayer book should I use?

We are using the 'New Machzor'/ 'Machzor Chadash'.

We are sending Machzorim (High Holiday Prayer Books) to you so that you can attend services from home.

We are planning on replacing our current Machzorim next year, therefore, with your request, we will deliver the number of prayer books that you need to your house (which you may keep).

To sign up for your free delivery, click here. 


Can I attend in person?

We are planning to welcome up to 50 members to attend High Holy Day services in person. The bima will be pushed all the way to the Gottlieb Hall stage to ensure that every attending individual or family will be safe and socially distant from each other. 

If you would like to attend a service in person, you MUST fill out this request form!

All attendees must abide by the Temple Har Zion attendance policy.


I have children, how can they participate?

For families with children ages 1-7, we are continuing our short virtual Young Family services, with programs at 9:30 AM on Yom Kippur, and Sukkot.

For the Yom Kippur Service: Please join Ms. Carol, Ms. Claudine, and other young families to observe Yom Kippur together.  We will have an art kit ready for you to pick up from the temple office the week of September 21st. We hope your child will enjoy making it and sharing it with us on September 28  at 9:30 AM.

For the Sukkot Young Families Service:  We will have an art kit for you to pick up from the temple office the week of September 29th. We hope your child will enjoy making it and sharing it with us on October 4th at 9:30 AM.

For more information and to register for the Young Family Services, click here.

For school-aged children,

Camp Shanah Tovah offers Kindergarten through 8th grade activities and programs, beginning at 10 AM on Yom Kippur. Again, this year the children attending the camp will be grouped with friends their own age, and various engaging activities are planned. All children's activities will be presented exclusively virtually. 

There are additional programs for Sukkot during the Koven Religious School Wednesday at 4:30 PM sessions.  

For more information on these programs, see For the Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade Set below.


How can I participate with the traditional honors (e.g. aliyot)?

We have less honors available this year because of Covid restrictions and we will not have ark opening honors. However there are aliyot (Torah blessings) and readings for members. If you have an aliyah you will be able to participate at the temple (in person) or from home. Readings will be pre-recorded.

To request an aliyah please click here.


I heard that we are using prerecorded video material as part of our service. How can I participate?

This Yamin Noraim (High Holy Days), as an integral part of our services, we welcome everyone participating to share pre-recorded greetings/blessings for the New Year, music (including shofar blowing). See Participate in Temple Har Zion High Holy Days by Video! below for details on these video contributions. The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 7th. 


How will we hear the Shofar this year?

Since the first day of Rosh Hashanah is on Shabbat this year, following the Halacha (Jewish law) we will not be blowing the Shofar. On the second day of Rosh Hashanah, we will have our regular Shofar service with precautions due to Covid for in person attendees. If you will not be attending in person and would like to hear the shofar, we will be featuring the shofar at Tashlich on the second day of Rosh Hashanah at 2:30 pm.    


What are we doing for Sukkot and Simchat Torah?

We are planning on having a Sukkah (thanks to the Men's Club!). We are hoping to have events in the Sukkah taking into account social distancing. We will have Sukkot/ Shemini Atzeret/ Simchat Torah services with a limited amount of in person attendees on Shabbat.

This Simchat Torah, Rabbi Glick will unroll a Torah and lead us through a virtual tour of the Five Books of Moses. Cantor Figa will lead us in singing. We will have a small number of members hold Torahs as in person attendees dance from their seats.


I have other questions related to the High Holidays this year. Whom should I contact?

Please be in touch with the office for logistical and administrative questions related to the holidays and participating with prerecorded video, and the Rabbi for religious questions.


I would like to make a donation to Temple Har Zion or enter my annual Yom Kippur Appeal contribution. How do I do so?

Please contact the office or click here.


As we approach the holidays, we will be sending more information for in person and virtual attendees. 

Shanah Tovah U'Metukah!

For a printable copy of this flyer, click here.

High Holy  Days Services and Programs Schedule

All services and programs will be videocast on YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom. Many services also will have limited in person attendance—up to 50 people—with individuals or family groups seated a safe distance from each other. 

Services that are only available virtually are noted with a "V" (V).

Services that will also have limited in person attendance are noted with "V/P" (V/P).

No one will be admitted to services in the shul without a reservation and an express confirmation from Har Zion.


Saturday, September 12

  • Concert by Srul Irving Glick at 8:00 PM (V/P)

  • Service at 9:00 PM  (V/P)

Rosh Hashanah  

Erev Rosh Hashanah

Friday, September 18; Service at 6 PM (V/P)


Rosh Hashanah First Day

Saturday, September 19

  • Main Service at 8:45 AM (V/P)

  • Young Families Service at 9:30 AM  (V)

  • Camp Shanah Tovah at 10 AM (V)

Rosh Hashanah Second Day

Sunday, September 20

  • Main Service at 8:45 AM (V/P)

  • Camp Shanah Tovah at 10 AM (V)

  • Tashlich at Thatcher Woods, at approximately 2:30 PM (outdoors, socially distant) (In Person Only)

    • Will include live Shofar blowing

Yom Kippur

Kol Nidre

Sunday, September 27; Service at 7 PM (V/P)


Yom Kippur

Monday, September 28

  • Shacharit at 8:45 AM (V/P)

  • Young Families Service at 9:30 AM (V)

  • Camp Shanah Tovah at 10 AM (V)

  • Yizkor sometime after 11:30 AM (V/P)

  • Q & A with Rabbi Glick at 3:30 PM (P/V exclusively on Zoom)

  • Mincha & Neilah at 4:15 PM (V/P)



Friday, October 2, Service at 6 PM (V)

Saturday, October 3, Service at 10 AM (V/P)

Sunday October 4, Service at 10 AM (V/P)

  • Young Families Service at 9:30 AM (V)


Shemini Atzeret

Saturday, October 10; Service at 10 AM (V/P)


Simchat Torah 

Saturday, October 10; Service at 6:30 PM (V/P)

Sunday, October 11; Main Service at 10 AM (V/P)


All services will be offered virtually. Services which will also have limited in-person seating attendance are noted with "V/P" (V/P). Services that are only offered virtually are noted with a "V" (V). No one will be admitted to services within the building without a reservation and an express confirmation from Har Zion.

For the Kindergarten Through 8th Grade Set...

For all kids, there will be a Zoom meeting with a beekeeper on Wednesday, September 23, at 4:30 PM.

For Yom Kippur, the fun continues! For kids in grades K-8 we’ll have another set of age-based programs, with activities about “Being Your Best Self” as well as youth services.

On Sukkot, join us as we make Graham Cracker Sukkahs! We’ll be having fun with this activity on Wednesday, October 7, at 4:30 PM, and unlike a real sukkah, you can eat what you make!

For Zoom links for any of this, please email our Director of Education, David Schwartz, at

How Do I Stream the Har Zion High Holy Day Services at Home?

This year’s services are going to be a unique synergy of in person and virtual services. We have installed new audio & visual equipment to bring you the best possible experience for the High Holy Days. Below please find the specific links and technical information to allow you to stream our services from your home. 

Where will the services be streamed?
We are planning to stream our services directly to Zoom & the Temple’s Facebook and YouTube pages simultaneously.

Will there be a password required?
For our Zoom stream, we will be using our current password. Facebook and YouTube will not require a password.

How do I stream the services on Zoom?
This link will give you access to ALL of our High Holy Day Zoom services (Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur). This Zoom feed will use the usual Har Zion Zoom password. Contact the office at 708.366.9000 or at if you need the password.

For a tutorial about how to access a Zoom meeting, click here.  

How do I stream the services on Facebook?
Please visit the Har Zion Facebook page.

How do I stream the services on YouTube?
Please visit the Har Zion YouTube Channel.

My family is watching services together. Is there a way for us to stream it to our television?
YES! If you have a smart TV or an external streaming device (Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc), download the YouYube App and visit the Har Zion YouTube channel at the start of services.

You are also able to stream directly from your smartphone to your TV. For a tutorial on how to do that with your iPhone, please click here or click here for Android.

I am not good with all this technology. What can I do?
You can use a telephone to call into the Zoom meeting to get the audio feed only. To do so, please call 415.762.9988 or 646.568.7788 and enter the meeting ID# 861 4002 1427.

I am still confused!!
No problem! Please call me the temple administrator, Eddie Simon, at 708.366.9000 or email him at and he can help walk you through it. 

Thank you and Shanah Tovah!

Please consider making a donation in honor of your friends at the synagogue by    clicking here.



Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781