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Adult Jewish Education at Har Zion

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Thursday Morning with Rabbi Glick:

Thursdays, 10 AM; Zoom ID# 990 415 095
(Usual Har Zion Zoom Password)

Current subject is Torah Treasures, Rabbi Glick
Join us as we delve into the weekly portion as Jews have done for thousands of years looking for inspiration and insight for our lives today. We will be looking at the text of the Torah itself with commentaries.

All are welcome. 

Previous classes/subjects on Har Zion YouTube, Thursday Mornings with Rabbi Glick playlist.

See above for the current schedule.

Monday Evening Learning with Temple Har Zion Director of Education David Schwartz

Monday Evening Learning with David Schwartz
Monday, 8–9 PM; Zoom ID# 9245 552 6669
(Usual Har Zion Zoom Password)

The current Monday Evening Learning topics include a rotation of Pirkei Avot, Holidays, Stories, and Prayers.

All are welcome. 

See above for the current schedule.

—Special Learning Events

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, Temple Har Zion has a wide range of special learning events. Upcoming ones are in the schedule above. Those that can be recorded are put on YouTube. Go the Har Zion YouTube home page and explore the Learning at Har Zion playlists (second row).

Big Ideas of Jewish Prayer     / Rabbi Glick 

These sessions are on YouTube; click here.

  • October 24: Challenges and Opportunities of a Traditional Jewish Service. 
  • November 14: Inspiration vs. Structure: The Dynamics of Jewish Prayer.
  • December 12: Finding Your Own Prayer Voice
  • January 23: Radical Amazement, Contemplation, and the Spiritual Emotions Behind our Services
  • February 13: Finding Your Own Chanting Rhythm
  • March 20: Alone and in the Group: Balancing Individuality and Commonality
  • April 10: Transmuting Prayers that We Struggle to Connect to
  • May 15: A Spiritual Interpretation of Shema and Amidah
  • June 26: Owning the Traditional Service

Hebrew 2.0: Understanding Prayerbook Hebrew with Courtenay Harris-Black


Using the book: Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way by Joseph Anderson

Most sessions were recorded and are available on YouTube; click here.

Personally Connecting with Prayers / David Schwartz

Once a month; most sessions were recorded, along with other Monday Evening Learning sessions; click here.

Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784