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August 15, 2021: Join me for a morning of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue with Shaul Judelman and Noor Awad

Rabbi Adir Glick

Dear Friends,

Please join us this coming Sunday morning, August 15, at 10:30 am for a conversation with Israeli-American Shaul Judelman and Palestinian Noor Awad, leaders with the grassroots Israeli-Palestinian dialogue initiative Roots.

I met (Rabbi) Shaul Judelman nearly 15 years ago when I was doing social justice and journalism work with Tevel B’tzedek, an Israeli humanitarian aid organization in Nepal. He was brought in to Kathmandu by the organization as a guest environmental scholar and activist to discuss Judaism’s ecological teachings.

When I met my wife Rachel years later, we found out that we had a common friend. Shaul had been a close friend of hers in college in Los Angeles. He attended our wedding as one of two guests we each independently knew before meeting.

Shaul lives in Tekoa, a settlement in the West Bank, with his family. He also considers himself a peacemaker in the mold of Rabbi Mencahem Froman (a Rabbi with deep ties to Palestinian religious leaders who supported shared sovereignty of Jerusalem, and was also the chief Rabbi of the settlement of Tekoa). As a co-founder of Roots, Shaul has partnered with leading Palestinian peace activists to address some of the most difficult questions at the heart of the conflict.

His partner at Roots, Noor Awad, moved to the West Bank with his family from a refugee camp in Jordan after the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords. He now lives in Bethlehem and guides geopolitical tours to the region.

Click here for the website of the organization.

Click here for a recording of the session.

Come join us for what will be a stimulating and thought-provoking conversation.


Rabbi Adir Glick

Thu, May 19 2022 18 Iyyar 5782