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2015 Chayei Sarah 5776

11/07/2015 04:07:39 PM


Rabbi Glick: The Cycle of Life

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Canada to visit my 94 year old grandfather who has been very ill. He had a stroke 30 years ago, and his condition has worsened over the past year – he has gone into palliative care numerous times.   When I arrived with my wife Rachel, he welcomed us with surprise and a big smile.   There was such a look of sweetness and goodness in his face. A smile that lit up the room. We told him about our life,...Read more...

  2015 Lekh Lekha 5776

10/17/2015 04:06:27 PM


Rabbi Glick: “The Golden hills of Zion

In these past weeks, Israel has been on our hearts and minds. In the face of the never ending conflict, and of the depression of seeing our neighbors seeking out to harm us with every mean possible, it’s hard not to feel despair and hopelessness.   Conflict has rattled our country since it was created 66 years ago, but who’s counting?   How do we lift our minds and our vision to retain hope?   Several years ago, I...Read more...

2015 Yom Kippur Sermon 5776

09/22/2015 01:15:33 PM


Rabbi Glick

“Our origin is dust and our end is dust. At the hazard of our life we earn our bread. We are like a fragile vessel, like the grass that withers, the flower that fades, the shadow that passes, the cloud that vanishes, the wind that blows, the dust that floats, the dream that flies away. But You, Sovereign of all – Are the Living and Everlasting God.”   These are the words of the Unetaneh Tokef prayer that we recite throughout the...Read more...

2014 Vayeshev 5775 

12/13/2014 04:08:25 PM


Rabbi Glick: God is Everywhere

One of the joys and highlights of my week is that every Friday, I read a story to the pre-schoolers as part of their Shabbat service. They are lovely kids! One Friday, about a month ago, my story was called ‘God is everywhere’. God is in the sun and God is in the moon. God is in me, and God is in you. God is everywhere… About the journey of a little girl to find ‘where is God?’ And at the end she realizes that God is absolutely...Read more...
Thu, December 3 2020 17 Kislev 5781