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By-Law Amendment Vote

My fellow congregants,

This section contains information needed to cast your vote on a congregational bylaw amendment brought forth by some member families. Their proposal is to change the way we vote—from one vote per individual member to one vote per household.

I want to express my thanks to all congregants who have participated in the process that has led us here. I know that, for many, it has been difficult and frustrating. To the members who have expressed disappointment with the process, please know that the Board and I appreciate your feedback and take it seriously. We aim to ensure a clear, transparent voting process. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


I strongly urge all members to thoughtfully review all bylaw amendment-related materials prior to voting. They include:

  • The current bylaw amendment proposal and ballot.
  • A statement of concerns from members about the amendment proposal.
  • A statement in support of the amendment proposal provided by some of the families supporting the change to one vote per household.
  • Special meeting minutes  
  • For purposes of this vote, each individual member retains the right to cast his or her own ballot. Members may vote electronically HERE, or email, by U.S. mail, or by phone. The bylaw amendment proposal and ballot is being sent out this week to all members by U.S. mail, and may be filled out by hand and returned to the office by U.S. mail or in person. Members may also call the synagogue office and register their vote with Eddie Simon, our temple administrator.


The voting period extends through July 19, 2018. Votes must be cast by 5pm CDT on that date to be counted.



Laurel Saltzman

WSTHZ Board President

A copy of the full bylaws can be found here.

Mon, February 18 2019 13 Adar I 5779