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B'ruchim Ha'baim - Welcome to Temple Har Zion

Come experience Temple Har Zion’s vibrant Jewish community serving the Western suburbs and the West side of Chicago. Join our diverse and dynamic community as we imbue our lives with Jewish wisdom, prayerlearningsocial action and the celebration of Jewish life together.  No matter where you are in your journey, we welcome individuals, families/interfaith families, and seekers to nourish your spiritual life with us.

We would love to get to know you; please call us at 708.366.9000 or email: 


Join our Services

In Person

In-person worship at the temple is offered for Friday night and Saturday morning Shabbat services, and Shohet Daily Minyan on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; and most holidays and festivals.


You can also join most of our services on Zoom (Click here to
ask for the password).

Live and Delayed Streaming

Saturday morning services, Friday night Musical Shabbatot, and most
holidays and festivals are also live-streamed and saved on Facebook
and YouTube (no password necessary).

See our Weekly Services page for further details, links, and online PDF copies of our Siddurim.


Once a Month, for Children:

Saturday, December 19, at 11 AM; in person only.

Tot Shabbat, for preschool and young school-aged children with a parent or other responsible adult, and 
Junior Congregation, for older school aged children, using an age-appropriate siddur.

Har Zion Services

Friday Kabbalat Service, 6:30 PM

In person (I) and Virtual (V)
every Friday evening!

Zoom ID# 818 0357 8025
For a PDF copy of the Friday evening siddur, click here

Saturday Morning Services, 10 AM

In person & Virtual (I & V)
Zoom ID# 242 651 284
Also Facebook and YouTube 
For a PDF copy of the Shabbat & Festivals siddur, ​​​​​​click here.

Daily Shohet Morning Minyan, Virtual daily,
Zoom ID# 799 405 500in person Monday, Wednesday, Thursday;

Daily schedule:

Sunday, 9:30 AM, Virtual only
Monday, 8 AM, In person & Virtual 
Tuesday, 8 AM, Virtual only
Wednesday, 8 AM, In person & Virtual
Thursday, 8 AM, In person & Virtual
Friday, 8 AM, Virtual only

For a PDF copy of the weekday siddur, click here.


Adult Learning!

Kabalah Class with Rabbi Glick
This Sunday, 10:30 AM 

Ha Derekh: The Jewish Spiritual Path, an In-person/Zoom class with Rabbi Glick

From blessings to Shabbat, from prayer to acts of loving kindness, from the Garden of Eden to Messianic times, we will explore how Jews walk the spiritual path.

This Sunday, December 4, is the final class of a 3-part series. Join Rabbi Glick in-person or Zoom ID# 8236 482 1008 series on Sunday, December 4, at 10:30 AM. The previous sessions are on YouTube in Learning at Har Zion.

And an ongoing class for registered learners... This Sunday, 1 PM
Shalom Hartman Institute's Together & Apart: The Future of Jewish Peoplehood
Next session, Sunday, December 4, 1 PM.

Monday Evening Learning with David Schwartz Topics are a rotation of Pirkei Avot, holidays, and prayers. Zoom ID# 9245 552 6669 (+ password) or click to join.

This Monday: Although “siddur” means “order,"  it can be hard to discern the order to the prayers.  Come explore the patterns to our services, the rhythms to our prayers, and the answer to the question “How much longer until we eat?”


Thursday Learning with Rabbi Glick

Torah Treasures: Bringing the Wisdom of the Weekly Torah Portion Into Our Daily Lives

Insights Into the Weekly Parashah with Rabbi Glick. Join us as we delve into the weekly Torah portion as Jews have done for thousands of years looking for inspiration and insight for our lives today.

Thursdays at 10 AM, Zoom ID# 990 415 095with the Har Zion password.

From the Community...

STAR: Seniors & Retirees Gathering to Learn & Connect

Thursdays at 1 PM - Zoom only
Contact the office for Zoom information.

On December 3:  Rabbi Mirelman will speak about three events that impacted Jewish life in 1897, as we commemorate their 125th anniversary:
1.  The 1st Zionist Congress in Basil.

2. The founding of the Bund in Vilna.
3. The  opening of the Cairo Geniza.

The Gift Shop Hanukkah Bazaar Opens  on this Sunday 
Hanukkah starts Sunday evening, December 18)

Hanukkah Bazaar!

Stop by the temple at the following times to fill your Hanukkah shopping needs:

  • Sunday, December 4, 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Sunday, December 11, 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Wednesday, December 14, 4 PM to approximately 7 PM (Hebrew School closing)

Hanukkah Programming at Har Zion

On  Sunday,  December 11

10:30 AM Family Fun/Kef Mishpachti Ages 1-7 Hanukkah Celebration (requires registration)

Servine 11:30 AM to 1 PM Har Zion Community pre-Hanukkah Lunch (requires registration)

1 PM  Yiddish Hanukkah Concert with Aaron Burnstein and Cantor Figa

Hanukkah "Oyfn Pripetchik"




Monday, December 19


4:30 PM Har Zion Community Candle Lighting on the terrace

8 PM “Giving Thanks to G-d on Hanukkah" with Har Zion Education Director David Schwartz



Rabbi Glick and Yakira Levi would like to invite our members to join the West Suburban Chevra Kadisha (WSCK) to participate in the powerful mitzvah of Taharah. Please click this link for more information. Fill out the Google form to join the WSCK team, or request a Taharah for yourself or a family member. Thank you.

This Sunday, for Everyone aged 9 and older ...

Anyone 9 and over (children accompanied by a parent) is welcome to join, regardless of skill (just ask Charles!);
next session is December 4!

Click here or above for details or registration!


Every day should be Earth Day

Reuse and Recycle

More info on green programs on the Earth Day page.

Contact Amy Guralnick at if you have questions on the pop top or sneaker recycling. And for more information on the plastic collection, call or email Phyllis Rubin, 708.848.6168,

Plastic Collection: Transforming Plastic Bags into a Bench & Bottle Caps and Lids into Art!

We are also continuing our collection of plastic bags (only clean, soft plastic) so we can get our free Recycled Plastic Bag Bench from Trex. And also we are also collecting bottle caps and lids to be reimagined into art. 

Pop top collections for Ronald McDonald house: 

Little things like pop tabs can make a big difference! Help support families and children through our Pop Tab program by collecting and donating the aluminum tabs you pull to open soda, soup, and other cans.

There is a collection bin on the table near entrance to the temple’s preschool.

Used Sneaker Collection: 

The temple has paired with Got Sneakers, a sneaker recycling organization. Donate any sneakers you aren’t using; Got Sneakers will either recycle them or redistribute them to secondhand markets, depending on what shape they are in. More info on the Earth Day page.

This Week at Har Zion

See our calendar for our full schedule, click here.

Upcoming events this week of December
Wed 7
Koven Religious School Meets
9:30 AM-12 Noon Sundays; 4:30-6:30 PM Wednesday
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Executive Board Meeting
Thu 8
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Torah Treasures, Rabbi Glick
Virtual only; Zoom ID# 990 415 095 with the usual Har Zion Zoom password. Join us as we delve into the weekly portion as Jews have done for thousands of years looking for inspiration and insight for our lives today. We will be looking at the text of the Torah itself with commentaries. All are welcome.
STARS/Senior Thursday Afternoon Retirees
Fri 9
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Candle Lighting
Kabbalat Shabbat In-Person & Zoom #818 0357 8025
Kabbalat Shabbat Meeting ID# 818 0357 8025
Friday Night is a Delight: Meal followed by Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service
Sat 10
Parshat Vayishlach
Shabbat Morning Services Haftarah Reader Dale Guralnick ID# 242 651 284
ID# 242 651 284
Bat mitzvah of Natalia Wister
Sun 11
Koven Religious School Meets
9:30 AM-12 Noon Sundays; 4:30-6:30 PM Wednesday
Meditation Virtual Meeting ID# 990 415 095
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Shohet Morning Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Hanukkah Bazaar
Family Fun/Kef Mishpachti (1-7) Hanukkah Celebration
Community Pre-Hanukkah Lunch
Har Zion is beginning its celebration of Hanukkah this year with the Family Fun Ages 1-7 workshop, followed by the Hanukkah Community Lunch, and then with the Hanukkah Oyfn Pripetchik Concert with Cantor Figa and Aaron Bernstein.
Hanukkah Oyfn Pripetchik Concert
Karate at the Shul
Mon 12
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Monday Evening Learning with Temple Har Zion Director of Education David Schwartz
The current Monday Evening Learning topics include a rotation of Pirkei Avot, holidays, stories, and prayers. Everyone is welcome!
Tue 13
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Zoom ID# 799 405 500


Wed, December 7 2022 13 Kislev 5783