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Below is a list of upcoming virtual services/learning/gathering sessions at Har Zion.

If you do not have the password, please email the office.

This is new and important... with what we hope is an abundance of caution, all THZ virtual programming is password protected so you will need to use personal emails that have been sent to you to directly "click to join."  Please go to Sunday's Virtual Programs document, or Friday's e-blasts or emails sent by us to join the programs by directly clicking into Zoom. If, instead of "clicking to join" through your emails, you opt to use our website, copy the ID# listed and go to Zoom to open, and then enter our password.

Shohet Morning Minyan
 Click here to download a PDF of the Siddur

 8 AM
Meeting ID#
799 405 500
Bar Mitzvah of Yochanan Summers
Click here to download a PDF of the Siddur
10 AM
Bar Mitzvah
 799 405 500
Kabbalat Shabbat
Click here to download a PDF of the Siddur

6:30 PM

Meeting ID# 
230 955 304

Shabbat Service
Click here to download a PDF of the Siddur

10 AM

Meeting ID#
242 651 284

Jewniversity with David Schwartz
June 1: Pirkei Avot, Chapter 1

8 PM

Meeting ID#
940 4734 9261

Creative Writing with Liz Liwazer

11 AM
Meeting ID#
534 255 897

Learn the Morning Minyan with Cantor Figa
Click here for recordings of Cantor Figa chanting the daily morning service

9 AM

Meeting ID#
943 2892 1294
Journey into the Tanakh

10 AM

Meeting ID#
990 415 095

STARS For retirees and older people to learn and connect


1 PM

Meeting ID#
485 119 1476
Use OPT's Password

Positive Aging Together - Whatever Your Age
A program designed for discussion on what quality of life means for all of us no matter what age. Each week we will discuss a tool that helps us live our best lives. Topics: Purpose, Self Knowledge, Joy, Aging Gracefully, Work, Attitude, Laughter, Strive, Courage, family and friends. Facilitated by Elizabeth Ury, JCFS Chicago–THZ Liaison

4 PM

Meeting ID# 
538 515 991

Meditation with Rabbi Glick

9 AM

Meeting ID#
489 884 312

Professor David Harris presents his book -
A City Divided: Race, Fear and the Law in Police Confrontations  


May 31
10:30 AM

Meeting ID#
890 7367 4963

A Caring Conversation in the Time of Covid-19 -Presented by JCFS & Sharsheret  


Tuesday, June 2
4-5 PM

To register and receive Zoom link contact

Daily Meditations with Rabbi Yoel Glick are open to the public. Please see the Daat Elyon facebook page for more info.


B'ruchim Ha'baim - Welcome

Come experience Temple Har Zion’s vibrant Jewish community. Join our diverse and dynamic community as we imbue our lives with Jewish wisdom, prayer, learning, social action and the celebration of Jewish life together.  No matter where you are in your journey, we welcome individuals, Families/Interfaith families, and seekers to nourish your spiritual life with us. Explore and celebrate the joys of Jewish life:

  • Explore our site and visit a program or service.

  • Have coffee with our Temple Administrator or Rabbi.

  • Have any questions? Please feel free to reach out at 708-366-9000 or email us at

  • Temple Har Zion is welcoming to interfaith families! Our community is at the forefront of the Conservative movement. Please take a look at our feature in the national Conservative publications.


.A City Divided: Race, Fear and the Law in Police Confrontations

Jewish Journeys is proud to host 

A City Divided:

Race, Fear and the Law in
Police Confrontations

by David A. Harris

Sunday, May 31th    10:30 am

Zoom ID# 890 7367 4963

A City Divided tells the story of the case involving 18-year-old Jordan Miles and three Pittsburgh police officers. David Harris is a resident of Pittsburgh and the Sally Ann Semenko Chair at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Harris describes what happened, explaining how a case that began with a young black man walking around the block in his own neighborhood turned Pittsburgh inside out, resulted in two investigations of the police officers and two federal trials.

Harris, who has written, published and conducted research at the intersection of race, criminal justice and the law for almost thirty years, explains not just what happened but why, what the stakes are and, most importantly, what we must do differently to avoid these public safety catastrophes.

Please join us for a sobering look at teens,
the police and the courts in the 21st century.

And yes, David A. Harris, is son of beloved congregants,
Ruben and Mary Harris (z"l)!

Positive Aging Together – Whatever Your Age; Thursdays at 4 PM, with JCFS Liaison Elizabether Ury


Guided Jewish Meditation with Rabbi Glick; Sundays 9–9:30 AM


Volunteers Needed for Kulanu Caring Committee; contact Sue May Wilde or Phyllis Rubin

Click here to email Phyllis.

Fri, May 29 2020 6 Sivan 5780