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B'ruchim Ha'baim - Welcome

Come experience Temple Har Zion’s vibrant Jewish community. Join our diverse and dynamic community as we imbue our lives with Jewish wisdom, prayer, learning, social action and the celebration of Jewish life together.  No matter where you are in your journey, we welcome individuals, Families/Interfaith families, and seekers to nourish your spiritual life with us. Explore and celebrate the joys of Jewish life:



Below is a list of upcoming virtual services/learning/gathering sessions at Har Zion.

→If you do not have the password, please email the office.

This is new and important... with what we hope is an abundance of caution, all THZ virtual programming is password protected so you will need to use personal emails that have been sent to you to directly "click to join."  Please go to Sunday's Virtual Programs document, or Friday's eblasts or emails sent by us to join the programs by directly clicking into Zoom. 

Shohet Morning Minyan
 Click here to download a PDF of the Siddur

 8 AM
Meeting ID#
799 405 500
Kabbalat Shabbat
Click here to download a PDF of the Siddur

6:30 PM

Meeting ID# 
230 955 304

Shabbat Service
Click here to download a PDF of the Siddur

10 AM

Meeting ID#
242 651 284

Jewniversity with David Schwartz
Pirkei Avot - Come discuss how the advice of the rabbis is still relevant to our lives 1800 years later! 

8 PM

Meeting ID#
940 4734 9261

Creative Writing with Liz Liwazer
Interested in writing a story to share using dialogue, scenes, imagery and other literary techniques. If you'd like to receive feedback, email your story (up to 2 pages) to Liz at

11 AM

Meeting ID#
 799 405 500 

Pandemics, Plagues, and Pestilence from the Early Modern Era
By popular demand, Dr. Arie Zmora presents an 8 Week course on the history of pandemics. To view the course syllabus, click here.
To request this week's course materials, please click here

10 AM
Meeting ID#
811 5623 7809
Touched by the Light: Near-Death and other Spiritually Transformative Experiences with Dr. Yvonne Kason Sunday,
July 12, 10:30 AM

Meeting ID#
886 3268 0759

Meditations with Rabbi Yoel Glick are open to the public. Please see the Daat Elyon facebook page for more info.


Plastic Free July


Tuesday, July 14, 7:30 PM

Zoom ID # 863 2129 9671

Want ideas on how to use less plastic when you can’t take your own shopping bag to the grocery store? Want ideas on how to use less plastic in your kitchen? Come to a presentation by Phyllis Rubin and cultivate new habits. This presentation will also be recorded for viewing later.

This is your year to join the Plastic Free July global movement!


Jewish Music Superstar —

Neshama Carlebach


Wednesday, July 29, 8:45 PM, and Wednesday, August 5, 2 PM


Temple Har Zion is delighted to announce two programs coming to Temple Har Zion featuring Jewish music superstar Neshama Carlebach.

Neshama Carlebach has sold over 1 million CDs, has been nominated for 6 Grammy awards, and has carried the musical and spiritual legacy of her father Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Her latest CD of all original music, Believe, has been recognized by the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards with nominations for Best Gospel Album, Best Gospel Song, and Best Adult Contemporary Song, and won the Vox Pop (Fan Favorite) Award in the Adult Contemporary Song category!



Two unique events not to be missed!

For Tisha b’Av
Wednesday, July 29, 8:45 PM

Zoom ID 864 7104 3022

Neshama, who is Rabbi Glick’s cousin, will be joining us on Tisha b’Av, Wednesday, July 29, 8:45 PM (Zoom ID 864 7104 3022) for a beautiful evening of song, stories, and contemplation of the themes of brokenness and rebirth.

For Tu b’Av, the Jewish Valentine’s Day
Wednesday, August 5, 2 PM

Zoom ID 872 0132 5190

She will return to us on Wednesday, August 5, 2 PM, to celebrate Tu b’Av, the Jewish Valentine’s Day (Zoom ID 872 0132 5190). Joining Neshama and Rabbi Glick will be Rabbi Glick’s father, Rabbi Yoel Glick, a leading teacher of Jewish meditation, as well as Neshama Carlebach’s husband, Rabbi Menachem Creditor, one of the Conservative Movement’s most prominent voices in social justice, and her mother Neila Carlebach, who teaches in the mode of her late husband Shlomo. Together, they will sing, lead meditation, and teach us about the transformative power of love.


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Volunteers Needed for Kulanu Caring Committee; contact Sue May Wilde or Phyllis Rubin

Click here to email Phyllis.

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JVS (Jewish Vocational Service) can help you plan a career path, tune you up for that important interview, revamp your resume, and teach you how to network successfully.
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