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Violins of Hope Concert  on Sunday, June 4   

A remarkable opportunity to see instruments of the Holocaust and hear them played!

Violins of Hope ConcertCollected and renewed by violin maker Ammon Weinstein, these instruments are the subject of Cantor Figa's column in the May Har Zion Herald, (page 3).

A block of tickets to a June 4th concert of the Northbrook Symphone featuring these instruments has been donated to the temple.

Click here or on the flyer purchase tickets.

next friday is friday night is a delight(and register for the meal by clicking on the flyer below)

plan to join us as we dedicate and celebrate!

Solomon Terrace & Garden Dedication

to register to join us click here or above

B'ruchim Ha'baim - Welcome to Temple Har Zion

Come experience Temple Har Zion’s vibrant Jewish community serving the Western suburbs and the West side of Chicago. Join our diverse and dynamic community as we imbue our lives with Jewish wisdom, prayerlearningsocial action and the celebration of Jewish life together.  No matter where you are in your journey, we welcome individuals, families/interfaith families, and seekers to nourish your spiritual life with us.

We would love to get to know you; please call us at 708.366.9000 or email: 






Shabbat Services

Friday Kabbalat Service

Shabbat Evening, Friday, 6:30 PM

Live, in person, or
Zoom ID# 818 0357 8025
(requires the Har Zion password )

Also live and saved on: 

Facebook        YouTube

Saturday Morning

Shabbat morning, 10 AM

Live, in person, or Zoom ID# 242 651 284 (requires the Har Zion password )

Also live and saved on: 

Facebook        YouTube 


Musical  Shabbat


Once or twice a month, on a Friday evening or Saturday morning, the Temple Har Zion Davening team presents a special service that is elevated with their music. The Friday Musical Shabbat services are family- and children-friendly (including a play area for our youngest in in sanctuary), and are usually preceded by a Intergeneration Meal.

Please join us for these uplifting services.


Weekdays and Sundays

Shohet Daily Morning Minyan

Monday–Friday, 8-9 AM
Sundays, 9:30-10:15 AM

Live, in person, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Zoom only Tuesday & Friday.
Zoom ID# 799 405 500 all days
(requires the Har Zion password )

Tot Shabbat and Junior Congregation

Tot Shabbat and Junior Congregation are offered once a month, usually on the same Shabbat morning.

Tot Shabbat
One Saturday a month; 11 AM
Tot Shabbat: For preschoolers and young school-aged children, accompanied by an adult; in person only.

An introduction to Shabbat services with books, stories, and singing.

Tot Shabbat

One Saturday a month; 10:30 AM
Junior Congregation: For older school-aged children; in person only.

Led by our temple youth, using an children's siddur, Junior Congregation encourages participation from all the children in attendance. Adults are welcome to join, but are not required.

Adult Programs and Learning!



STAR: Seniors & Retirees Gathering to Learn & Connect
Thursdays at 1 PM
New this week: In person at Har Zion as well as on Zoom! Join us for a chance to schmooze, and perhaps a special guest.

Contact the office for Zoom information.

STAR still has CSO tickets available for  June 15 OPEN Rehearsal Performances with Chicago Symphony Orchestra! 


Previous sessions of these programs are on Har Zion


Monday Evening Learning with David Schwartz

Mondays at 8 PM, Zoom only. 
Zoom ID# 9245 552 6669 with Har Zion password.

Thursday Learning with Rabbi Glick 

Thursdays at 10 AM

The Midrash conveys the wisdom and imagination of the ancient rabbis as they created a whole world of thought and experience between the terse verses of the Torah. Each class will discuss one midrash and how it impacts our lives and our Judaism. For more information or to register to be on our Jewish Journeys' mailing list click here.

IN PERSON & Zoom 990 415 095 with the HZ password. 

Rabbi Glick and Yakira Levi invite our members to join the West Suburban Chevra Kadisha (WSCK) to participate in the powerful mitzvah of Taharah.
Click here for more information. Fill out the form to join the WSCK team, request a Taharah for yourself or a family member.

Over the centuries, a beautiful and powerful ritual called Taharah - washing, purifying and dressing the deceased for burial has arisen by which we sanctify the transition from life to death. Taharah is the work of the Chevra Kadisha. Oak Park Temple and Temple Har Zion have joined to form the WSCK. The first of its kind in the western suburbs, to make Taharah possible for our community.

When requested by a family member, a team of our volunteers will come to the funeral home to wash, purify and dress the deceased for burial.

Every day should be Earth Day (As Saturday, April 22 , actually is this year!)

More info on green programs on and on Earth Day programs on the Har Zion Earth Day page.


Find An Earth Day Event to Participate In

Click here for a Google search that lists Earth Day activities in the Chicago area. Click on search more events in the box at the top for a very nice listing.

Plastic Collection: Transforming Plastic Bags into a Bench 

We are also continuing our collection of plastic bags (only clean, soft plastic) so we can get another free Recycled Plastic Bag Bench from Trex.


And Bread Tag Collection!

We are collecting bread tags (those little hard plastic things that are used to close the plastic bags on most commercial bread products). The proceeds of recycling these are then used to purchase wheelchairs and prosthetics for kids in need! (Yes, this really works.) See the Earth Day Page for more about this program.)


This Week at Har Zion

See our calendar for our full schedule, click here.

Upcoming events this week of June
Mon 5
Preschool Summer Camp Zion, Session 1
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Monday Evening Learning with Temple Har Zion Director of Education David Schwartz
The current Monday Evening Learning topics include a rotation of Pirkei Avot, holidays, stories, and prayers. Everyone is welcome!
Tue 6
Preschool Summer Camp Zion, Session 1
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Wed 7
Preschool Summer Camp Zion, Session 1
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Executive Board Meeting
Thu 8
Preschool Summer Camp Zion, Session 1
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Miracle of Midrash, Rabbi Glick
The Midrash conveys the wisdom of the ancient rabbis, creating a world of thought and experience between the terse verses of the Torah. What were Abraham and Isaac thinking as they headed to the binding of Isaac? What was Moses doing for 40 days and nights on top of Mount Sinai? How did King Solomon truly build the Temps. We will examine a different Midrash writing each week. All are welcome. In person and on Zoom ID# 990 415 095 with the Har Zion Zoom password.
STARS/Senior Thursday Afternoon Retirees
Fri 9
Preschool Summer Camp Zion, Session 1
Shohet Minyan Zoom ID# 799 405 500
Friday Night is a Delight: Meal & Musical Service (In-Person & Zoom #818 0357 8025)
Light meal followed by Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service Registration is required for the meal; $10 per person, $20 for immediate family.
Candle Lighting
Sat 10
Parshat Beha'alotcha
Preschool Summer Camp Zion, Session 1
Shabbat Morning Services ID# 242 651 284
ID# 242 651 284


Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783